FAQ on Spin Mop and Bucket System

Spin Mop and Bucket System still remains cutting-edge and new for most users. Many users get confused about the functions and characteristics of it. The article below will give clear answers to common questions raised by new users:

Are there any restrictions on the types of floor cleaners that can be used with the Spin Mop?

How long does the mop head last?

Is the mop head washable?

Can I use the Spin Mop as both dry and wet mop?

Will Spin Mop leave behind any residues or streaks on the floor?

What is the length of the mop handle? Is it adjustable?

What is the size of the mop head?

How much water is the bucket capable of holding?

What are the unique features of Spin Mop that make it different from other spin mops?

Is there a warranty available on this product?

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