Daily Kitchen Cleaning Routine!

Here’s my kitchen cleaning routine – something you can do each day that shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. It’s simple and it works!

What cleaning routine should we do next?!

How to Clean Hardwood Floors ?

Awesome video! I am looking forward to trying this method out on my new condo’s hardwood floors.

Quich & Easy Silver Tarnish Remover

Important tip! You shouldn’t use this method on any jewellery that has a gemstone set in it, especially rings. The extreme change in heat from the boiling water will cause the metal to expand, and once removed from the water, contract. This expanding and contracting can loosen the gemstone and potentially make it fall out! Otherwise this is an awesome method that I use regularly on my silver jewellery 🙂

How to Clean and Organize your Kitchen

Learn how to clean your home room by room. In this video Erin Harrison from Keeper of the Homestead, shows you how to organize and clean your kitchen cabinets.

How I Clean My Room & Organization Tips!

I know to many of you this is pointless, but I have a hard time staying organized and on top of cleaning. I thought this video might give you some tips and ideas on how to fix your room if a disaster occurs.