[Infographic] How to find a good home cleaning services

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[Infographic] Personal and Financial Benefits to Spring Cleaning

The dust and clutter begins to take over as we hibernate for winter, waiting for the long awaited spring cleaning ritual to provide a fresh start. Spring cleaning is not only for scrubbing walls and sweeping floors. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to spruce up your finances for the rest of the year. By getting organized, cleaning, and decluttering your home, you can make a positive impact on yor budget.


[Infographic] How to Deal with Post Construction Cleaning Dilemma?

How to Deal with Post Construction Cleaning Dilemma?

Whether you are a contractor who has recently constructed a home or a homeowner who has had construction work done at your place, it is vital to clean up the mess, which has been left behind after the construction is done.

Some of the things, which would require cleaning, include dust, fumes, fixture cleaning, ducts, and so on. When everything needs to be cleaned, it must involve a step-by-step procedure, which would require certain tools from rubber gloves, knife scrappers, non-toxic cleaning solutions to regular vacuum cleaners. These tools must be used appropriately in order to ensure that all the dirt and debris has been eliminated and the home is clean from each corner.

While, each room is vital to be cleaned, when it comes to your bathroom make sure you clean it wisely from the mirror, map walls, cabinets to sink, bathtub, and toilet.

Since a lot of paint, dirt, and all the other construction materials get stuck to the floor and make it appear shabby, meticulous cleaning is something that can restore the glow of the constructed home.

This infographic will be useful for them to know the essential tools required and the top challenges faced by them.



[Infographic] Spring Cleaning Hacked

Spring Cleaning Hacked

The days are getting longer! With all that extra daylight you might start noticing all the dirt and grime that has accumulated in your home over the past few months of winter hibernation. Time to roll up your sleeves and get ready to dig into some serious spring cleaning!


[Infographic] Cleaning Tricks And Tips To Save The Day

Some simple cleaning tips and tricks that will make your home-making a lot easier and more pleasant activity.


[Infographic] Top Tips for Spring Cleaning your Home

In March 2014, Swift Office Cleaning Services asked its social media followers what their top tips for spring cleaning their homes were. We thought we would gather a few hints and tips but the response blew us away. We loved reading your comments and tweets. As we were doing so, we spotted some running themes so we collated the results and created the Swift Top Tips for Spring Cleaning.


[Infographic] How to choose the proper cleaning equipment

You need to consider several factors when seeking to purchase the most effective and appropriate cleaning equiment.


[Infographic] Car Cleaning Tips

6 best car cleaning ideas like interior wash tyre cleaning, glass cleaning, licence plate etc..


[Infographic] Tips for the tough cleaning problems

Cleaning can be tough sometimes,especially area that are hard to reach. Here’s some tips to help you out!