How Often Should Your House Be Cleaned?

People have grown busier these days. Most of our time is spent at work, overtime, or a bad traffic jam. As we reach home, the only energy left is often just enough for that shower before bedtime. House chores could get really tiring, especially for moms that also have full-time jobs.

How often should houses be cleaned?


Does a house need cleaning every day? This could be a tugging question, especially for new moms who are trying hard to juggle time between taking care of the children, cleaning the house and doing house chores, and possibly working too! Cooking, setting, and wrapping up the table already takes a lot of time every day. How about sweeping the floors, wiping the windows, and cleaning the sheets? How much is too often and too less?

Here are some factors that you should consider in assessing how often your house should be cleaned.

  • The area

Each household is different. Different communities and house layouts accumulate varying amounts of dust. Some areas are really naturally dusty, while others never accumulate dust over weeks. Do you live in a dusty place? If so, changing sheets, wiping windows, and sweeping the floor, even just lightly, will help you a lot.

In the worst scenario, you can always make your beloved house become “super clean” using the best spin mop in the market.


  • The inhabitants

Is anybody at home allergic to dust or has a very weak immune system? If you live with young children, especially babies, or an adult with allergies, then cleaning must be done as often as possible, especially in places where they spend most of their time which must be the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

  • Your time

If you are free, then cleaning could be done regularly and systematically. If you don’t have a day job and you are every dedicated to keeping the house clean, you could assign a time during the day for sweeping floors, washing sheets, changing covers, and dusting the windows. All that alongside cooking. You need not do all of these in one day, you could assign it in different days weekly if that is more convenient.

Ideally, a house should be cleaned as often as one can. However, let’s face it, not everyone loves housework and some of us are just more dedicated to working and earning money than keeping the house clean. That’s okay! Consider the mentioned factors, and your time.


Cleaning the house at least once a week is best. You can see for yourself, if everything isn’t so dusty and dirty after a week, you could widen the time gaps. As long as your family stays healthy, it should be fine!

If housework is hard for you, you may involve your children and the whole family in cleaning on weekends. Dividing tasks and scheduling cleaning will help you make sure that everything is covered. Regular cleaning will remind you of all the stuff you’ve kept too long to remember too! Investing on great cleaning equipment could make cleaning much easier and fun to do. There are many spin mops, microfiber dust wipes, and other kinds of cleaning equipment both online and offline. Make sure to check them out and see reviews written about them! One of them could be the life changer that you need.

Where to buy Spin Mop : A guide


Do you ever ask yourself: “Where to buy spin mop?”

There’s no greater joy than keeping the house spotless, most especially the floors. If you’re a meticulous member of the household, you’d understand the hype on finding the best cleaning companion –especially for floors. With this said, at one point in your life, you might have put “where to buy spin mop” on the google search bar. If you haven’t yet, aren’t you wondering where spin mops could possibly be bought?

With the increasing hype on the convenience and ease that spin mops offer to its users, more and more companies have made their own models of spin mops, each with its own technology or better raw materials that are either tougher, easier to dry, easier to clean, more durable, or a good mix of the said characteristics and even more, selecting and finding a great spin mop is a tough search. How do you make sure that you get access to the best one if you don’t know where to buy spin mop exactly just yet?

Here we are going to talk about where to find spin mop, all the places they possibly could be in, and some tips on finding a great one. So if you wanna know all the possible places for finding a spin mop, do read on!

Where to buy spin mop?

You can find spin mops in physical stores such as the home section in department stores, the cleaning section in groceries and supermarkets, and even in some bazaars themed for mothers, cleaning, or home improvement. They could also be found conveniently online in buy and sell websites or online shopping platforms, and even in home TV shopping!

There are many other places where spin mops could be found. Where to buy spin mop is only the first part of finding the perfect spin mop that could be truly helpful for you. What is the purpose of knowing where to buy spin mop if the one you’ll purchase would not be a perfect fit for your needs?

The best way to address this is to search for reviews online first before making a purchase.

Here are various reasons why you should read reviews online before making your purchase:

Seeing it once is not enough

You may see it at the mall once and the sales person may even show you a demo on how it works, but will one demo be able to show you how a mop could help make your life easier at home? Probably yes, but most likely not.

People in sales aim to sell

We don’t want to put sales people in a negative light, they are usually very informative and helpful at the mall. However, their primary goal is to sell products. They may help you find the best one, but that’s probably only within the models and brands within the store.

What about all the other options that you could get outside?

As said, there are many spin mops out there, if you’re gonna spend on one, why not spend on the best one for your needs?

Reviews are based on long-term and real life situations

  • People make reviews on spin mops (and other online products) not only based on its basic use, but other practical uses there could be. They also make reviews upon using the product for a longer period of time.
  • Since these are real people with real cleaning needs, they would’ve most likely encountered what you will if you buy the said spin mop. Why waste money on trying it yourself when others already did for you, right?


The internet has made the accumulation and compilation of various information in one accessible platform. Utilize it well! Read reviews from people who have used the product before making a purchase, you could even further consider to see more reviews on other popular products while you are on it. There is no smoke without fire, there wouldn’t be so much raving about one thing if it’s not exactly worth the hype. Of course that still depends on many factors, but reading reviews is one of the best ways to avoid and stay away from mistakes that other people had already committed. It’s the wise way of making various purchases, may it be online or offline!

Space makeover on a budget

Is your place starting to bore you? Are you that kind of person who always wants a new and fresh environment to work and live in? Or are you simply trying to put everything in place to live a more functional and productive life?

What’s been delaying you on your renovation plans? If it’s just money, there are many ways to get around that. Sure, every renovation plans requires money, but the market offers different price ranges and materials to fit everyone’s budget.

Renovation has its costs, but its fruits, when planned carefully, is abundant. A renovated space does not only give a fresh look, it also allows the resident to design the space to accommodate more storage for keeping valuables organized and to utilize careful planning in being more productive.

Here are two things that you need done to headstart your renovation plans:

1. A plan


Plan the changes and remodels that you need to have done.

Should the walls be repainted?

Will new cabinetry be installed?

Will the flooring be changed?

What materials are needed?

The list could go on and on, knowing what you need and what you want and combining it together will eventually get you closer to your dream space.

Money saving tip: It’s always best to have a designer work with you on your plans. However, if your budget is tight but you’re determined to reach your goals, checkout pinterest’s storage and remodeling ideas for inspiration!

2. A budget

This will be largely based on your plan and what you want done. Prioritize and check the market for your options on materials, labor, and other necessities.

The budget should cover three stages:

  • Planning, this involves working with a planner if possible, and canvasing for materials’ prices in the market
  • Execution, this involves buying the materials, building it, and touch ups
  • Post-remodeling, this involves a massive cleaning spree to get rid of all unwanted debris and kick-start a productive and inspiring space!



Money saving tip: To help you in budgeting, here’s a list of products that you may want to check out at the home depot:

 Wood and laminates

This would be used for cabinetry, tables, chairs, and even a bed. If you want everything done from scratch, you could estimate how much wood you would need. However, mostly, this will be used for storage like cabinetry and shelves.

Money saving tip: Upcycle and rummage your house on unused but potentially useful storage materials that could be used in place of shelves and made-to-order cabinetry!



There are several flooring options. Vinyl, tiles, marble, and wood. What would you like to have?

Choose not only according to price, but also the people in your household or workplace. Are there pets? Wood and laminates wouldn’t be best with pets around. How about kids? Slippery flooring would often pose danger to kids.

Money saving tip: Sometimes replacing the flooring isn’t worth it. How damaged is it? Is it damaged at all? If you want to save on flooring expenses, just invest on a really good mop and other cleaning materials. Spin mops are easy to use and pretty tough on dirt. You could use them with ease while keeping your flooring well maintained.

Furniture and accent

Sometimes buying ready-made furniture could be cheaper than made-to-order ones. Would you need to replace some furniture? How about accents like clocks, and other items for display? Would you need to buy new ones and would you be following a color scheme?

Money saving tip: If you are on a budget and you don’t want to spend on unnecessary stuff, consider “upcycling” your existing furniture. You could repaint your existing displays to follow a certain color scheme, or even make your own decors!


A renovation could be extremely messy. You could hire help for cleaning even the most stubborn dirt from various agents and just work hard on maintaining it. Some cleaning services, especially the good ones, could get rid of the dirt that you’ve actually learned to live with!


Money saving tip: If you think hiring help for cleaning is unnecessary, you could invest in high-quality but not necessarily expensive cleaning products that could be your companion not only in cleaning your house after renovation, but in maintaining it. High quality stain removers, high-pressure water hose, and a spin mop are few of the things that you could invest on.

[Infographic] Fun House Cleaning Techniques

While some people love cleaning, others would just look for ways to avoid it. Often, it is very hard to build up the motivation to do all the cleaning especially if there’s an overwhelming number of house chores that need to be done. Although cleaning is not on the list of things you always have fun doing,, still there are certain ways on how to implement ways to make cleaning more enjoyable and entertaining. Some people would hire a house cleaning company in Sydney, but here are some D-I-Y cleaning strategies that can boost motivation.


[Infographic] Professional Oven Cleaning Vs DIY: The Ovenu Challenge

This infographic pits the general public vs professionals when it comes to the all important task of cleaning your oven. From preparation to the finished project…who will win?


[Infographic] How Spring Cleaning Can Make You Happier and Richer

Getting rid of the clutter in your home has a range of health and social benefits – spring cleaning really can make you happier and richer! In this infographic we explore the impact of a cluttered home on our mood, show how getting rid of surplus “stuff” can add value to your property AND share some useful clutter-busting tips. Enjoy!


[Infographic] End of tenancy cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning refers to the specialist deep cleaning of your rented flat or house before the new tenants move in. It’s also called move out cleaning, tenancy cleaning and just deep cleaning.


[Infographic] Know Your Cleaning Staff’s Typical Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning neither seem so easy and nor it is easy. And to clean your homes to the maximum it requires a lot of effort as well as wider range of equipment. That is why your cleaners from the cleaning companies bring a lot of brushes, machines and other tools whenever they are at your places and that is also why your houses shine like no other after they have completed their tasks. So what are these equipment they use? They are no alien tools, but simply the equipment we all see day and night, but chosen at the right way. There are Brooms, dustpans, buckets with water/cleaning solutions, cleaning agents, floor polishers, garbage bags, hand dusters, feather dusters, micro fibre floor dusters, mop and mop bucket cart, towels, vacuum cleaners and the one that you won’t be using much at homes; the wet floor sign boards. Many of the professional cleaners you come across, if they are truly working up to quality will definitely have these equipment along with many others. Not only your homes, but there are many benefits of having your offices cleaned once in a while where everything is organized and dirt free. For example one of the major situations is when one of your potential clients walk through the door, the first impression they always get about your office is not how well you perform, but always from how well you keep your office. Your practice and personality will be interpreted with the office environment you work at as well as it will make your office and the company more successful and productive. Your employee’s morale will eventually boost up and they will be happy to come to work each morning and provide you more and more. The employees will be motivated and interested at the work they do and your company will go towards success at much faster rates too. As you see, it is very important for your workplace as well as your homes to be kept always neat and clean. Even when you can’t find a time off your busy schedules to do this by yourself, you can always seek the assistance of professional cleaning services that is; if you are confident about their performance and quality of work. So the next time you need to clean your homes or office, give it a try and see.



[Infographic] The Chemical Free Home Spring Giveaway

Spring is finally making its way to my area of Michigan and it couldn’t happen soon enough!

I am dreaming of throwing open all of my windows and cleaning out the stale air once and for all. Anyone else having spring cleaning fever?

Last year I was introduced to this amazing book called The Chemical Free Home that completely changed the way I cleaned my home.

Before I found this book I was already well on the road to ridding my home of toxins and making some of my own cleaners, but my vision was still so small which meant that most of the things I was using or doing to clean my home were in fact making it worse.

The Chemical Free Home showed me that I could be doing so much more to make my home a place that was clean and healthy too.

I love this book so much because it is filled with great information about why we should be removing these toxic chemicals from our homes.  But even better than that is the fact that there are SO MANY simple recipes!

Because I love this book so much, I want to give you a free copy of it to help you really spring clean your home!

I am giving you one free, along with some other pretty amazing things to get you started using essential oils today.


[Infographic] How to Make Your Own Household Cleaners

How to clean green

As we become a more eco-aware society, more and more consumers are using earth-friend cleanning product in their homes. Here’s how you can make your home green and sparkling clean !