Ohuhu Easy Wring Spin Mop and Bucket System Review

Review Summary

I got my hands on the Ohuhu Easy Wring Spin Mop just about a month ago. It has no pedal and has a bucket system where you can wring the mop to dry and wash it. I and my mom are loving it more day by day, although she initially was disappointed because she didn’t get the hang of it at first.

Now she is overjoyed to be skipping all the bending and squeezing part of mopping, while she can still be happy with the end results.

How I Met My Ohuhu Easy Wring Spin Mop 

I’m a working 24-year old office girl and I live with my parents at the moment. My mom loves housework, but I noticed that of course, like any aging woman, it is beginning to take its toll on her.

I started my search on spin mops that I believe are much easier to use so I can give it to her as a gift.

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Don’t get me wrong, if I had the choice I’d have her stop housework altogether, but it is where she seems to get her happiness and it has also been like an every day exercise for her.

I help her when I’m at home, but all I can do is constantly remind her or buy her easier tools for cleaning to make sure she wouldn’t strain herself too much.

I am still getting to know this mop better, but reviews helped me a lot in choosing one so I’ll also make one here.



  • This mop is self wringing, unlike the ones that have a pedal to spin. This one only needs you to loosen your grip a bit so you could wring out the mop effortlessly.

    This is exactly what my mom didn’t get at first, but what she enjoys the most now.
  • It also has a bucket that you could fill with water for dampening your mop, and also to drain it of dirt and excess moisture. You can be assured of a splash-free mopping session with its anti-splash guard in the bucket.
  • It can rotate 360 degrees and pivot to about 180 degrees to make wringing easy and also reach hard-to –get-to places. The mop head is made of absorbent and gentle microfiber that claims to ensure that your surfaces will be scratch-free.

    The microfiber also sticks to stubborn dirt, yikee hairbits on the floor, even animal fur, and all sorts of unwanted dirt
  • This handle is also made of stainless steel!

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  • The microfiber absorbs easily

  • Rotates 360 degrees

  • ​Pivots 180 degrees

  • ​Clings to and removes stubborn dirt, hair, fur, and stains

  • Gentle on all kinds of surfaces including: laminates, vinyl, wooden floors, windows, marble, and other hard surfaces.

  • Measures 18.7 x 10.8 x 9.6 inches and weighs 4.18lbs.

  • ​Made of stainless steel and some plastic parts.

  • This pedal-free system is perfect for keeping mopping simple and yet efficient and easy. The smooth rotations make cleaning an easy task and there has never been a need to try and repeat its mopped work.

What I like & What I don't like

What I like:

  • What I really like about this mop is its claims about the mop head. The microfiber mop head is so good at collecting dust, stains, and all the unwanted particles, especially on our floors.

    Our floors is a mix of wood and marble from kitchen to the living room and the bedrooms, but so far I’ve not noticed any scratches from the mop head.

  • The mop head also drains of excess moisture pretty easily, and I and my mom are able to sweep the floor without streaks or making it slippery.

    I personally love this feature a lot because I’m sure now that whoever mops our house, my mom and dad have less chances of slipping off because it dries so quickly.

  • ​I also think that pedal free spinning mechanism may take some time to get used to, and may not be as comfortable, but I find it less noisy.

    Sometimes when I can’t sleep at night, I don’t hesitate to grab the mop and sweep the floors clean after a midnight snack or playing with my dog, I do all this without worrying that someone will be woken up.

  • The splash guards work so fine too!

What I don't like:

  • It is a light bucket and mop, but I guess that sort of makes the bucket unstable.

  • Also, like I said quite a few times, it takes some times getting used to. It wasn’t performing perfectly at first but I realized that that’s only because I didn’t get the hang of it yet at that time.


All in all, this mop is lovely! I just hope it would last for years and years! As of now that’s all I could ask for, performance is good.