Trying to mop it right with MopRite Spin Mop

Review Summary

It has been with my other cleaning tools for about five months now, and I’d like to share my thoughts on it to help other people out there who are trying to find the right mop for themselves.

You may be living independently and simply not enjoy mopping, a mom busy with a lot of things, or simply a wise person who knows better than spending a lot of time on mopping alone. Here are my thoughts on the Moprite spin mop.

How I Get The Chance To Try The MopRite

I’m a new mom and my baby just turned 2 three months ago. Housework used to be so easy for me when I was living independently and even on my first years of marriage with my husband.

Everything has been done with a perfect routine: I mopped the floors clean and if I wasn’t satisfied, I’d get a damp cloth and scrub it with my bare hands, I washed dishes, cooked, and did some part-time writing work on the side.

However, after pregnancy and now in transition to being a hands-on mom, I’m learning how to go around the demands for time that a baby requires. Is it just me? I can’t seem to move away from my little one even if she’s just sleeping.

This has vastly altered my routines. From freely moving to every corner of the house before to clean each corner, I now refuse to move away from where my daughter is.

This forced me to seek ways to make housework faster and have it done while my husband is at home with me so he can watch my child as I clean. Moprite is one of the buddies I had chosen to speed up my cleaning.



Let me tell you first the highlights for this mop. What I think sets this apart from other mops and what they highlight most on the packaging.

Some would be my personal opinion based on experience, but most of it are things that I don’t pay much attention to but are on the packaging, and may be of significance to you: The bucket has two spinners. One is especially made for drying the mop while the other is specifically made to keep it clean and drain out the dirt.

The mop head is claiming to be safe for use for hardwood, ceramic tiles, marble, linoleum, vinyl, granite, laminates, and even glass! I would say that based on the description, it is basically safe for any surface.

The mop head is also machine-washable and is made of microfibers that are super absorbent and said to be eco-friendly. These are also said to be gentle on any surface and would not cause any unwanted scratches most especially on delicate surfaces. Aside from that, they also suggest that this mop could be used on anything.

I personally just use it on floors, but it is said to be usable for windows, cars, and even ceilings. It comes with a stainless steel handle and mop plate, making it resistant to corrosion.

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This is the only spin mop in the market with a stainless steel mop plate and handle and comes with a dual spinner technology on the bucket designed for cleaning out dirt and drying the mop head.

It is gentle to all kinds of surfaces and is made from eco-friendly materials. It also comes with a scrub brush that could be used for cleaning the grout and other stubborn dirt.


Pros & Cons


  • What I like the most about this mop is it is made from stainless steel. I’m a pretty anxious person and that gives me a sense of security that it will stay intact without rust despite every day use.

  • There are also two spinners, since the one use for draining out the dirt is different for the drying spinner, it feels cleaner to dry it out and you could be 100% sure that the mop you’re swiping the floor with is free of dirt. You’re definitely not spreading dirt here.


The only thing that I could say about this is it is a bit on the heavy side. I would honestly say that I am still considering to look for lighter alternatives, but this is a pretty solid buy!

I know that it’ll stay with me for years and years, and I would just like a spare lighter spin mop for days that I don’t have enough energy to be moving something heavy around. I guess all the weight is from the dual spin technology and the stainless steel pieces, which is what I love about this spin mop.

It is worth noting though, some people really don’t like the extra weight.


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As I said: it was a worthy buy. I have improve my house cleaning a lot since i had the spinmop. It has certain characteristic that got me into using it. Those Characteristic of the spinmop help my cleaning more fun and effective. That's all about my experience with Moprite Spinmop