Spin mop on the go: LINKYO Spin Mop and Bucket with wheels

Review Summary

Since I know that it could be tough to choose that spin mop that you’ll love, I decided to write a detailed review on my Linkyo to hopefully help future buyers. It might be helpful or it might make your choices tougher, but I think it always helps to hear from someone who has tried it already.

How I Met My LINKYO Spin Mop 

I am the mother in my household and before I go on with the review, let me just give you a brief backgrounder on how I got the Linkyo Spin Mop in the very first place.

It’s just me and my husband in the house now, both my kids are living independently in a nearby town.

My husband used to be a welder and he’s pretty good at building. He constantly has a home improvement project every chance he gets, and although I love them, we had constantly argued about all the dirt that he brings into the house.

Since he does tough work, he is a bit careless on touching the walls when his hands are a bit damp and dusty. He also gets his dirty and very muddy working shoes when he gets in and it leaves traces of stubborn dirt from the front door to other places in the house.

It used to be a big issue, until I came up with the idea of using better mops that could be used for all kinds of surfaces. It had been a tough choice since the market is quite saturated with many kinds, but I finally ended up with Linkyo!



  • This mop claims to have an innovative handle (I personally find it normal, maybe because I haven’t tried a bunch of mops like this). This special handle is said to make quick and easy wringing and washing of the mop head, and I agree that this spin mop is very easy to use!
  • Its bucket also has rolling wheels, a splash guard, a drain hole, and a cleaning dispenser.
  • The mop head is made of microfiber and it also has a chenille mop pad, and a scrub brush.
 Roll over image to zoom in LINKYO Spin Mop Bucket System - Microfiber Mop with Easy Wringer Bucket


  • This mop measure 19.5 x 11.8 x 12 in and weighs 7.4 lbs.
  • As said, it has a push handle design to make wringing, drying, and cleaning the mop easy.
  • The stainless steel mop handle and wringing basket are tough even with frequent exposure to water and the wheels on the bucket can rotate 360 degrees, which makes maneuvering it a sweat-free task.
  • It also comes with a built in washer, where a cleaning drain is placed.
  • The push handles eliminates the need for foot pedals, and the microfiber mop head is great for getting rid of all the stubborn dirt, stains, and unwanted patches on the floor, ceiling, and even walls.

What I like & What I don't like

What I like :

  • What I absolutely love about this spin mop, and got me sold on it even before using it is the 360 wheels on the bucket. It sure is heavier than most spin mop packages, but it comes with wheels!

    That totally eliminates the need to bend for me, and I can go through all the house’s floors and walls with great ease because of it! I can’t tell how grateful I am that not only does it have wheels, but the 360degrees wheels can swivel and glide smoothly on the floor.

  • It needs to be assembled but that’s not much of a hassle. I like the fact that it’s made this way, so I only have to replace broken parts if needed, and not the whole unit.

    I’m not sure I’ll need any replacement anytime soon though, it looks pretty solid by far, but who knows?

  • It also comes with a bottle that could handle your soap for cleaning your mop head (or adding some for mopping the floors). It has a place by the bucket where it gives as much soap you need on the water. It stays there in place but is detachable in case you need to refill it.

  • The microfiber is also excellent in getting all the dirt and mud around the floors and the house! I don’t put in too much effort in mopping, but I never had to do any section twice!

What I don't like :

  • Like I said, it is indeed on the heavy side. Even with the wheels (and I love the wheels) it’s pretty much an effort to bring it up the stairs.


Those are all my thoughts by far! Obviously, I love it. But like I said, I haven’t tried a bunch.