[Infographic] House Cleaning Facts

This infographic provides statistical and graphical information for cleaning roles of male and females. It gives statistical data on why cleaning issues that men and women have between them. Finally it explains the benefits of using “green,” environmentally safe cleaning products that reduce toxic waste.


[Infographic] Cleaning Services

This infographic details domestic cleaning services. Covering from who does more cleaning around the home, how many hours men and women spend cleaning, the number of people hiring home cleaners, what type of cleaning services we use, the reason why we hire a cleaner including some interesting cleaning facts and figures . You will also find some interesting facts and statistics about allergies and cleaning chemicals and to finish off household cleaning Products Sales. Dust To Shine home cleaning services.


[Infographic] The Guide to Cleaning Your Home

A full sweep of the house is usually associated with spring cleaning, but there’s no reason why this fall can’t see you adopt some more environmentally-friendly habits into your housekeeping.

Check out the infographic below for a comprehensive guide on natural ways you can clean just about every spot in your home.



[Infographic] Take Your Life Back with a Cleaning Service

Women spend an average of 4 hours each week cleaning. That adds up to 12,896 hours over a lifetime! Learn how to save time without sacrificing a clean home by looking over this infographic about residential cleaning services in Raleigh.


[Infographic] Homemaking Tips: 7 Bathroom Cleaning Tips

If I could hire someone to clean the bathrooms I would! Until that day comes, I need some help in making that chore a little easier! Here are several bathroom cleaning tips that will help make cleaning easier and faster.

The bathroom is easily one of the busiest most used rooms in the house so it always needs cleaning!

Top 10 Bathroom Cleaning Tips

1.Drip Dry Your Toilet Brush

2. Use a Dish Wand To Clean The Shower

3. Clean Your Faucet

4. Remove Rust Off Your Chrome Fixtures

5. How To Clean Your Bathtub

6. How To Remove Soap Scum from Shower Door


7. How To Clean Your Shower Head Without Scrubbing

[Infographic] Spring Cleaning – Tips For Cleaning Individual Rooms in Your Home

As the warmer weather is approaching its time to get rid of all that dirt and clutter that has piled up all winter. Many rooms get neglected so here is a infographic you can follow for some spring cleaning tips for each household room that you may not have considered before.


How I Clean My Room & Organization Tips!

I know to many of you this is pointless, but I have a hard time staying organized and on top of cleaning. I thought this video might give you some tips and ideas on how to fix your room if a disaster occurs.