Heritage Home Products’ Spin Mop Bucket System

I’ve started living on my own when I entered the university for four years. After that, I’ve been independent for a couple of years until I got married two years ago. Motherhood and having a family has proven itself to be very time-consuming, and I just really had to keep myself updated with the latest technologies that could help me with giving my family the best, without sacrificing my rest and me-time.

One of my recent buys is a spin mop bucket system that I saw. It’s from Heritage home products. My old mop broke and I decided to try this one. I’ve tried a spin mop before but honestly, I wasn’t exactly happy with it. I still had to squeeze it with my hand because it won’t dry by itself. I’m not exactly sure if it really didn’t work well or I didn’t fully understand how it worked. Nevertheless, I switched back to the regular mop after that. And like I said, this mop has decided to leave the household and break.

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It was about two weeks ago when I came across Heritage Home Products’ spin mop bucket system. The color was catchy and cute. It didn’t look like a mop that you’d definitely hide in the storage room. It looks presentable and wasn’t too big, so that’s a plus for space saving. I’ve been very pleased with this purchase by far. I’m going to state how this has made my life easier so far in this review. It’s only been two weeks, so I’ll update it if I ever find things that are worth mentioning.


This spin mop bucket system rotates 360 degrees and has a stainless steel and 3 interchangeable mop heads.

It holds much moisture without dripping, which makes it perfect for hardwood, tiles, and laminates. Have an enhanced mopping experience with a durable floor mop.



This mop is light and portable and 6.2 pounds a5.8 x 7.9 x 7.9 inches. It’s a premium quality spin mop bucket system that makes use of premium quality stainless steel and microfiber head. It works fast and easy.

It makes use of innovative design that makes the user free of any pressure on the back. The spin function allows the user to use minimal effort in getting rid of moisture from the mop head.

The bucket system may look simple, but it uses high temperature resistant PP material and a thick plate that has water retaining properties to keep the water from splashing unnecessarily. I am yet to prove if it indeed won’t splash for the long run, but it hasn’t splashed so far in the two weeks that I’ve used it.

It makes use of a stainless steel basket that gives off the impression that it would last for a long time, an embedded soap dispenser, and a very absorbent and conveniently washable microfiber head. The soft fibers are also gentle and wouldn’t cause scratches but thoroughly clean floors, glasses, windows, and most surfaces.



What I like most about this is the durable feel that it gives off. The stainless steel handle and bucket and replaceable mop heads tells me that this could last for more years than I expect a regular mop to be.

Another thing that I like about it is the wonder of how it could hold so much moisture without spilling water and soap everywhere. It really makes mopping the floor an easy task. I actually look forward to mopping now, because it isn’t as strenuous as before.

It is literally mess free. No drips of water all over the floor, and zero mess from the spinning action as you can see in the video.

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It takes me only 15mins to clean a room now, when it took about 30 before. It never dripped so far, and had a height that’s just perfect to make mopping an enjoyable task. The light weight helps my daughter adapted to using it too. She actually think that this is cute and I just let her try since yesterday.


I don’t know how I feel yet about the size, because it’s small but so far, I haven’t had problems with it. I still find it small though. I also had to put more effort than I expected to learn how the mechanisms work to assemble and fix this mop. Once I’ve worked my way around it, it worked perfectly!

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