Space makeover on a budget

Is your place starting to bore you? Are you that kind of person who always wants a new and fresh environment to work and live in? Or are you simply trying to put everything in place to live a more functional and productive life?

What’s been delaying you on your renovation plans? If it’s just money, there are many ways to get around that. Sure, every renovation plans requires money, but the market offers different price ranges and materials to fit everyone’s budget.

Renovation has its costs, but its fruits, when planned carefully, is abundant. A renovated space does not only give a fresh look, it also allows the resident to design the space to accommodate more storage for keeping valuables organized and to utilize careful planning in being more productive.

Here are two things that you need done to headstart your renovation plans:

1. A plan


Plan the changes and remodels that you need to have done.

Should the walls be repainted?

Will new cabinetry be installed?

Will the flooring be changed?

What materials are needed?

The list could go on and on, knowing what you need and what you want and combining it together will eventually get you closer to your dream space.

Money saving tip: It’s always best to have a designer work with you on your plans. However, if your budget is tight but you’re determined to reach your goals, checkout pinterest’s storage and remodeling ideas for inspiration!

2. A budget

This will be largely based on your plan and what you want done. Prioritize and check the market for your options on materials, labor, and other necessities.

The budget should cover three stages:

  • Planning, this involves working with a planner if possible, and canvasing for materials’ prices in the market
  • Execution, this involves buying the materials, building it, and touch ups
  • Post-remodeling, this involves a massive cleaning spree to get rid of all unwanted debris and kick-start a productive and inspiring space!



Money saving tip: To help you in budgeting, here’s a list of products that you may want to check out at the home depot:

 Wood and laminates

This would be used for cabinetry, tables, chairs, and even a bed. If you want everything done from scratch, you could estimate how much wood you would need. However, mostly, this will be used for storage like cabinetry and shelves.

Money saving tip: Upcycle and rummage your house on unused but potentially useful storage materials that could be used in place of shelves and made-to-order cabinetry!



There are several flooring options. Vinyl, tiles, marble, and wood. What would you like to have?

Choose not only according to price, but also the people in your household or workplace. Are there pets? Wood and laminates wouldn’t be best with pets around. How about kids? Slippery flooring would often pose danger to kids.

Money saving tip: Sometimes replacing the flooring isn’t worth it. How damaged is it? Is it damaged at all? If you want to save on flooring expenses, just invest on a really good mop and other cleaning materials. Spin mops are easy to use and pretty tough on dirt. You could use them with ease while keeping your flooring well maintained.

Furniture and accent

Sometimes buying ready-made furniture could be cheaper than made-to-order ones. Would you need to replace some furniture? How about accents like clocks, and other items for display? Would you need to buy new ones and would you be following a color scheme?

Money saving tip: If you are on a budget and you don’t want to spend on unnecessary stuff, consider “upcycling” your existing furniture. You could repaint your existing displays to follow a certain color scheme, or even make your own decors!


A renovation could be extremely messy. You could hire help for cleaning even the most stubborn dirt from various agents and just work hard on maintaining it. Some cleaning services, especially the good ones, could get rid of the dirt that you’ve actually learned to live with!


Money saving tip: If you think hiring help for cleaning is unnecessary, you could invest in high-quality but not necessarily expensive cleaning products that could be your companion not only in cleaning your house after renovation, but in maintaining it. High quality stain removers, high-pressure water hose, and a spin mop are few of the things that you could invest on.

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