[Infographic] The Truth About Home Cleaning Habits

We’ve turned the corner into spring — and for many people, that means spring cleaning time is here! Enjoy this infographic brought to you by Neato Robotics that shed light onto home cleaning habits. For example did you know that 77% of women love seeing the freshly vacuumed lines in their carpet? Or that on a scale of 1-10, women rate their homes at around 6 on the “clean scale,” while men are around 7. Read on to find out more surprising home cleaning insights!


[Infographic] Spring Cleaning Hacked

Spring Cleaning Hacked

The days are getting longer! With all that extra daylight you might start noticing all the dirt and grime that has accumulated in your home over the past few months of winter hibernation. Time to roll up your sleeves and get ready to dig into some serious spring cleaning!


[Infographic] Cleaning Tricks And Tips To Save The Day

Some simple cleaning tips and tricks that will make your home-making a lot easier and more pleasant activity.


[Infographic] Tips for the tough cleaning problems

Cleaning can be tough sometimes,especially area that are hard to reach. Here’s some tips to help you out!


[Infographic] Your ultimate home cleaning routine

Your ultimate home cleaning routine: Not all the items in your home need to be cleaned weekly or even every month. Some areas of your home can be thoroughly cleaned on a seasonal basis, while others should be done daily. In this infographic by Heiton Buckley Builders Merchants, we learn exactly how often we should be cleaning everything in our home.


15 Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips

Whenever I tell people I write a cleaning blog, they always ask me if I have anycleaning tips and I always want to say “just do it,” but I’m pretty sure that’s not what I’m looking for.   Today I have some of those cleaning tips for you, curated on my Hometalk board.

2 Minute Cleaning Tips

The kitchen is the hardest room in my house to keep clean but these tips are my savior:

The floors are usually covered in crumbs, but not so much with these floor cleaning tips:

The bathroom  is the place I make the Husband clean but occasionally help him with these tips:

Miscellaneous cleaning tips are exactly what I need for the random things in my house:


[Infographic] The Great Cleaning Debate: Vinegar vs. Baking Soda

As the presidential race heats up in America, two cleaning products also face-off against each other on Tuesday night in the Great Cleaning Debate. Each candidate has strong stain-fighting power and the science to back it up, but which one is the better cleaning agent? You decide.


[Infographic] House Cleaning Facts

This infographic provides statistical and graphical information for cleaning roles of male and females. It gives statistical data on why cleaning issues that men and women have between them. Finally it explains the benefits of using “green,” environmentally safe cleaning products that reduce toxic waste.


[Infographic] Cleaning Services

This infographic details domestic cleaning services. Covering from who does more cleaning around the home, how many hours men and women spend cleaning, the number of people hiring home cleaners, what type of cleaning services we use, the reason why we hire a cleaner including some interesting cleaning facts and figures . You will also find some interesting facts and statistics about allergies and cleaning chemicals and to finish off household cleaning Products Sales. Dust To Shine home cleaning services.


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