Spin mop: a generation away from the old-styled mop

The innovation of a regular mop

Innovation is the key driving force in this era’s consumer market. From cellular phones, gadgets, cameras, vehicles to things as simple as papers, tissue, and foods, nothing is safe from mankind’s innovativeness and creativity. Everything that existed five to ten years ago is considered now as outdated, obsolete or even worthless.

Even the humblest cleaning materials at home are changing at the same pace as cellphones and cars. From self-automated dishwashers to robotic floor sweepers, nothing is safe from the power of technological advancement. However, as time and time been proven, the best innovations are the simplest ones, and that is where the spin mop comes in.

The humble mop was invented in 1837 by an American named Jacob Howe, a hundred in fifty years later hardly a thing about the original has changed. Come 2011, a Chinese Cheng-Kai Chen created the first ever spinning drum dried mop.

The Spin Mop was a hit among consumers, both in households and offices. Everyone can easily discern how the spin mop is so much better and different from the old and classic mop. Here are some differences you need to know between a spin mop and your grandma’s mop!

​Things that Spin mop innovated the regular mop

1. You can actually keep your hands clean when using a Spin mop

The number one reason why everyone hates cleaning is due to the fact that more often than not you need to get your hands literally dirty to get everything else clean. This is also the same reason why it is next to impossible to have your children help you mop the floor. It is because they know that after they break a sweat, they’d have to touch and squeeze the dirtiest part of the mop with their bare hands.


Luckily spin mops like the MopRite Spin Mop have a built in drying drum that rotates the mop head thousands of times a minute to completely dry your mop without you having to touch it.

Spin mops' dry are far more absorbent than the regular mop


One of the best features of modern day spin mops is that they use microfibers for their mop heads. Unlike regular mops that use cheaper synthetic cloths, spin mops that use microfibers like the O-Cedar Easy Wring Microfiber Spin Mop can absorb up to twice the amount of water or any other liquid you have to get rid of.

Spin mop have a multi-direction movable joint on their heads

Lastly, spin mops like the Mopnado Spin Mop are praised for being easy to use and easy to adjust parts. Because of their multi-directional joints, you can mop any surface without having to bend down to reach places such as those under couches or tables. You can say goodbye to troublesome backaches that we always get after using regular mops.


Regular mops are a classic, and it would be hard to say goodbye to things that you grew up with, but the moment you try using a spin mop, you wouldn’t even think twice throwing away that old rotten mop you always hide in your closet.

Three Common Problems On Spin Mops And How To Fix Them!

These are the most common problems Spin Mop users would encounter. Look through these guids to help you fix the problems yourself before wasting too much of your time and money."

Killthedust Admin

Spin Mops are practically floor mops on steroids. They help you clean up the house multiple times faster than traditional and old-school mops. Sadly, all things have a weakness, and the spin mop is not an exception to that.

Here are 3 of the most common problems faced by spin mops enthusiasts and how to fix them!

Three most common problems

The mop does not spin when used on the basket

There two possible reasons for you spin mop to not revolve or spin when you push it down on your drying tub. The first one is when the ringer cap is locked too tightly.

Spin mops such as the Mopnado Spin Mop have locks called the ringer cap. It is the second handle-like grip between the actual grip and the mop head (the part that you wipe on the floor).


To fix this, just simply hold the grip of your spin mop and the ringer cap, and then gently rotate the ringer cap to a contour clockwise direction.

This action will release the mechanisms that allow you to use the mop without the mop head revolving every time you push it down the floor.


The second reason may be because the drying tub has been filled with dust and dirt inside. To fix this, remove the drying tub by using a set of pliers to unlock the locking mechanism of the drying tub. Afterward, wipe dry the tub and clean it of any dust or debris, then apply a little amount of grease to make it rotate smoother.

The mop does not absorb spilled fluids efficiently

This problem often happens when the mop head has been used for a very long time. Due to repetitive wetting and drying, the fibers of the mop head more often than not lose their absorbent properties.


The easiest and probably the only way to properly fix this is buying replacement mop heads that are compatible with your spin mop. Brands such as the Ohuhu Easy Wring Spin Mop have readily available replacement parts in their stores.

The pedal does not make the drying turb rotate

More advanced and newer models of spin mops, such as the O-cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop, nowadays have an added pedal for you to step on to make the drying tub rotate. This saves you the effort of having to unlock the spin mop and push it down on the basket.


After several months of using a spin mop, there are times when fibers and debris unknowingly and unwantedly enter important parts of the spin mop and the basket. This often jams the gears within the mechanism that help the drying tub rotate rapidly, thus resulting to the problem above.

To fix this, what you will need is a screwdriver and a can of WD-40. WD-40 is a waterproof spray on lubricants perfect for devices that usually get wet such as our spin mop. Using the screwdriver, unscrew all the parts of the drying tub pedal.


Make sure to take a mental note of the original position of the parts to avoid further damaging the pedal mechanism. Then remove all fibers and dirt that you can find inside, wipe the insides clean and generously spray some WD-40 on the gears inside. Reassemble everything and you’re done!

Important Reminder!

Spin Mops, like any other product, are often covered by their seller or manufacturer’s warranty. When doing these DIY fixes, make sure the warranty has passed otherwise, it would be a smarter move to just get the mop replaced. When replacing any part of the spin mop, always remember to buy original and legitimate parts!

Three important points that you should remember that will help you when your spin mop doesn't work:

  • Store main replacement parts in your home so you can have quick resollutions for the broken parts.
  • Buy some specific tools and by-products to help you fix the spin mop's problems on yourself.
  • Keep the spin mop manufacturer's warranty to save you time and money if your spin mop is far beyond repairable.

How Often Should Your House Be Cleaned?

People have grown busier these days. Most of our time is spent at work, overtime, or a bad traffic jam. As we reach home, the only energy left is often just enough for that shower before bedtime. House chores could get really tiring, especially for moms that also have full-time jobs.

How often should houses be cleaned?


Does a house need cleaning every day? This could be a tugging question, especially for new moms who are trying hard to juggle time between taking care of the children, cleaning the house and doing house chores, and possibly working too! Cooking, setting, and wrapping up the table already takes a lot of time every day. How about sweeping the floors, wiping the windows, and cleaning the sheets? How much is too often and too less?

Here are some factors that you should consider in assessing how often your house should be cleaned.

  • The area

Each household is different. Different communities and house layouts accumulate varying amounts of dust. Some areas are really naturally dusty, while others never accumulate dust over weeks. Do you live in a dusty place? If so, changing sheets, wiping windows, and sweeping the floor, even just lightly, will help you a lot.

In the worst scenario, you can always make your beloved house become “super clean” using the best spin mop in the market.


  • The inhabitants

Is anybody at home allergic to dust or has a very weak immune system? If you live with young children, especially babies, or an adult with allergies, then cleaning must be done as often as possible, especially in places where they spend most of their time which must be the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

  • Your time

If you are free, then cleaning could be done regularly and systematically. If you don’t have a day job and you are every dedicated to keeping the house clean, you could assign a time during the day for sweeping floors, washing sheets, changing covers, and dusting the windows. All that alongside cooking. You need not do all of these in one day, you could assign it in different days weekly if that is more convenient.

Ideally, a house should be cleaned as often as one can. However, let’s face it, not everyone loves housework and some of us are just more dedicated to working and earning money than keeping the house clean. That’s okay! Consider the mentioned factors, and your time.


Cleaning the house at least once a week is best. You can see for yourself, if everything isn’t so dusty and dirty after a week, you could widen the time gaps. As long as your family stays healthy, it should be fine!

If housework is hard for you, you may involve your children and the whole family in cleaning on weekends. Dividing tasks and scheduling cleaning will help you make sure that everything is covered. Regular cleaning will remind you of all the stuff you’ve kept too long to remember too! Investing on great cleaning equipment could make cleaning much easier and fun to do. There are many spin mops, microfiber dust wipes, and other kinds of cleaning equipment both online and offline. Make sure to check them out and see reviews written about them! One of them could be the life changer that you need.

Mopnado spin mop: Durability and convenience rolled into one

​Simply the world “Deluxe” says a lot about what the Mopnado spinmop is designed for."

Killthedust Admin

Review Summary

In the fast paced society that we live in, finding the perfect companion for every task is vital. Each task could be time and energy consuming, but the right tools could make a great difference. In the case of sweeping floors, Mopnado Spin Mop has recently made noise online.

Getting to Know The Mopnado Spinmop

Sweeping the floor could be draining at times, mops do make it easier, but the regular mops take time and effort for squeezing it dry and even applying more pressure on stubborn dirt.

Recent developments in mopping systems like the spin mop has addressed these issues by giving mops a companion: the bucket. The buckets are designed to help spin the mops of unnecessary moisture, while the mops themselves are now comprised of microfiber cloth to better rid of dirt.

The battle between spin mops now lie on how well the raw materials are chosen and how mechanisms are employed for better ease of use.

How does the Mopnado spin mop –a deluxe mop with stainless steel and microfibre- fare in the spin mops world?

Here we are going to talk more about what Mopnado spin mop has to offer it’s highlights, pros and cons, and some overall conclusions for the Mopnado spin mop

Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop with 2 Microfiber Mop Heads - Lime

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  • This deluxe spin mop boasts of durability and ease of use with its stainless steel handle that is extendable up to 56 inches for a perfectly comfortable back.

  • The stainless steel handle not only makes forth a sturdy handle, it also makes the mop light to carry around.

  • ​It is also equipped with large wheels for easier navigation around the area to be cleaned.

  • ​These swivel 180 degrees and may sweep clean even on the corners of and under some furniture.

  • Lastly, the mop boasts of eco-friendly and machine washable microfiber mop heads that are replaceable with a scrubber head. That’s a mop head that isn’t only tough, but is also flexible and convenient to use!
Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop with 2 Microfiber Mop Heads - Lime



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Pros & Cons

What i like:

  • It’s hard to find Cons in a product that is made to be flexible, durable, and convenient all at the same time.
  • The Mopnado spin mop even has a catchy name and a stylish color in lime green .
  • The design is innovative and clearly, the user’s whereabouts are put into perspective while designing this spinmop.

What i don't like:

  • This may or may not be a con for some but this mop system is quite large and although the mopping and cleaning per se are easy, filling the bucket, emptying it, and sort of carrying it around may be a bit inconvenient.

In a Nutshell...

All in all, the Mopnado spin mop is perfect for anyone looking for an all-around, powerful, and durable cleaning companion.

If you’re looking for one of the best and you adore the color lime green, this spin mop is perfect inside and out!

All the features are convenient and really do make mopping easy, althought the weight could take some getting used to.


Where to buy Spin Mop : A guide


Do you ever ask yourself: “Where to buy spin mop?”

There’s no greater joy than keeping the house spotless, most especially the floors. If you’re a meticulous member of the household, you’d understand the hype on finding the best cleaning companion –especially for floors. With this said, at one point in your life, you might have put “where to buy spin mop” on the google search bar. If you haven’t yet, aren’t you wondering where spin mops could possibly be bought?

With the increasing hype on the convenience and ease that spin mops offer to its users, more and more companies have made their own models of spin mops, each with its own technology or better raw materials that are either tougher, easier to dry, easier to clean, more durable, or a good mix of the said characteristics and even more, selecting and finding a great spin mop is a tough search. How do you make sure that you get access to the best one if you don’t know where to buy spin mop exactly just yet?

Here we are going to talk about where to find spin mop, all the places they possibly could be in, and some tips on finding a great one. So if you wanna know all the possible places for finding a spin mop, do read on!

Where to buy spin mop?

You can find spin mops in physical stores such as the home section in department stores, the cleaning section in groceries and supermarkets, and even in some bazaars themed for mothers, cleaning, or home improvement. They could also be found conveniently online in buy and sell websites or online shopping platforms, and even in home TV shopping!

There are many other places where spin mops could be found. Where to buy spin mop is only the first part of finding the perfect spin mop that could be truly helpful for you. What is the purpose of knowing where to buy spin mop if the one you’ll purchase would not be a perfect fit for your needs?

The best way to address this is to search for reviews online first before making a purchase.

Here are various reasons why you should read reviews online before making your purchase:

Seeing it once is not enough

You may see it at the mall once and the sales person may even show you a demo on how it works, but will one demo be able to show you how a mop could help make your life easier at home? Probably yes, but most likely not.

People in sales aim to sell

We don’t want to put sales people in a negative light, they are usually very informative and helpful at the mall. However, their primary goal is to sell products. They may help you find the best one, but that’s probably only within the models and brands within the store.

What about all the other options that you could get outside?

As said, there are many spin mops out there, if you’re gonna spend on one, why not spend on the best one for your needs?

Reviews are based on long-term and real life situations

  • People make reviews on spin mops (and other online products) not only based on its basic use, but other practical uses there could be. They also make reviews upon using the product for a longer period of time.
  • Since these are real people with real cleaning needs, they would’ve most likely encountered what you will if you buy the said spin mop. Why waste money on trying it yourself when others already did for you, right?


The internet has made the accumulation and compilation of various information in one accessible platform. Utilize it well! Read reviews from people who have used the product before making a purchase, you could even further consider to see more reviews on other popular products while you are on it. There is no smoke without fire, there wouldn’t be so much raving about one thing if it’s not exactly worth the hype. Of course that still depends on many factors, but reading reviews is one of the best ways to avoid and stay away from mistakes that other people had already committed. It’s the wise way of making various purchases, may it be online or offline!

Trying to mop it right with MopRite Spin Mop

Review Summary

It has been with my other cleaning tools for about five months now, and I’d like to share my thoughts on it to help other people out there who are trying to find the right mop for themselves.

You may be living independently and simply not enjoy mopping, a mom busy with a lot of things, or simply a wise person who knows better than spending a lot of time on mopping alone. Here are my thoughts on the Moprite spin mop.

How I Get The Chance To Try The MopRite

I’m a new mom and my baby just turned 2 three months ago. Housework used to be so easy for me when I was living independently and even on my first years of marriage with my husband.

Everything has been done with a perfect routine: I mopped the floors clean and if I wasn’t satisfied, I’d get a damp cloth and scrub it with my bare hands, I washed dishes, cooked, and did some part-time writing work on the side.

However, after pregnancy and now in transition to being a hands-on mom, I’m learning how to go around the demands for time that a baby requires. Is it just me? I can’t seem to move away from my little one even if she’s just sleeping.

This has vastly altered my routines. From freely moving to every corner of the house before to clean each corner, I now refuse to move away from where my daughter is.

This forced me to seek ways to make housework faster and have it done while my husband is at home with me so he can watch my child as I clean. Moprite is one of the buddies I had chosen to speed up my cleaning.



Let me tell you first the highlights for this mop. What I think sets this apart from other mops and what they highlight most on the packaging.

Some would be my personal opinion based on experience, but most of it are things that I don’t pay much attention to but are on the packaging, and may be of significance to you: The bucket has two spinners. One is especially made for drying the mop while the other is specifically made to keep it clean and drain out the dirt.

The mop head is claiming to be safe for use for hardwood, ceramic tiles, marble, linoleum, vinyl, granite, laminates, and even glass! I would say that based on the description, it is basically safe for any surface.

The mop head is also machine-washable and is made of microfibers that are super absorbent and said to be eco-friendly. These are also said to be gentle on any surface and would not cause any unwanted scratches most especially on delicate surfaces. Aside from that, they also suggest that this mop could be used on anything.

I personally just use it on floors, but it is said to be usable for windows, cars, and even ceilings. It comes with a stainless steel handle and mop plate, making it resistant to corrosion.

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This is the only spin mop in the market with a stainless steel mop plate and handle and comes with a dual spinner technology on the bucket designed for cleaning out dirt and drying the mop head.

It is gentle to all kinds of surfaces and is made from eco-friendly materials. It also comes with a scrub brush that could be used for cleaning the grout and other stubborn dirt.


Pros & Cons


  • What I like the most about this mop is it is made from stainless steel. I’m a pretty anxious person and that gives me a sense of security that it will stay intact without rust despite every day use.

  • There are also two spinners, since the one use for draining out the dirt is different for the drying spinner, it feels cleaner to dry it out and you could be 100% sure that the mop you’re swiping the floor with is free of dirt. You’re definitely not spreading dirt here.


The only thing that I could say about this is it is a bit on the heavy side. I would honestly say that I am still considering to look for lighter alternatives, but this is a pretty solid buy!

I know that it’ll stay with me for years and years, and I would just like a spare lighter spin mop for days that I don’t have enough energy to be moving something heavy around. I guess all the weight is from the dual spin technology and the stainless steel pieces, which is what I love about this spin mop.

It is worth noting though, some people really don’t like the extra weight.


>>See the Price and Get this Wonderful Spinmop on Amazon.com now!>>



As I said: it was a worthy buy. I have improve my house cleaning a lot since i had the spinmop. It has certain characteristic that got me into using it. Those Characteristic of the spinmop help my cleaning more fun and effective. That's all about my experience with Moprite Spinmop

Spin mop on the go: LINKYO Spin Mop and Bucket with wheels

Review Summary

Since I know that it could be tough to choose that spin mop that you’ll love, I decided to write a detailed review on my Linkyo to hopefully help future buyers. It might be helpful or it might make your choices tougher, but I think it always helps to hear from someone who has tried it already.

How I Met My LINKYO Spin Mop 

I am the mother in my household and before I go on with the review, let me just give you a brief backgrounder on how I got the Linkyo Spin Mop in the very first place.

It’s just me and my husband in the house now, both my kids are living independently in a nearby town.

My husband used to be a welder and he’s pretty good at building. He constantly has a home improvement project every chance he gets, and although I love them, we had constantly argued about all the dirt that he brings into the house.

Since he does tough work, he is a bit careless on touching the walls when his hands are a bit damp and dusty. He also gets his dirty and very muddy working shoes when he gets in and it leaves traces of stubborn dirt from the front door to other places in the house.

It used to be a big issue, until I came up with the idea of using better mops that could be used for all kinds of surfaces. It had been a tough choice since the market is quite saturated with many kinds, but I finally ended up with Linkyo!



  • This mop claims to have an innovative handle (I personally find it normal, maybe because I haven’t tried a bunch of mops like this). This special handle is said to make quick and easy wringing and washing of the mop head, and I agree that this spin mop is very easy to use!
  • Its bucket also has rolling wheels, a splash guard, a drain hole, and a cleaning dispenser.
  • The mop head is made of microfiber and it also has a chenille mop pad, and a scrub brush.
 Roll over image to zoom in LINKYO Spin Mop Bucket System - Microfiber Mop with Easy Wringer Bucket


  • This mop measure 19.5 x 11.8 x 12 in and weighs 7.4 lbs.
  • As said, it has a push handle design to make wringing, drying, and cleaning the mop easy.
  • The stainless steel mop handle and wringing basket are tough even with frequent exposure to water and the wheels on the bucket can rotate 360 degrees, which makes maneuvering it a sweat-free task.
  • It also comes with a built in washer, where a cleaning drain is placed.
  • The push handles eliminates the need for foot pedals, and the microfiber mop head is great for getting rid of all the stubborn dirt, stains, and unwanted patches on the floor, ceiling, and even walls.

What I like & What I don't like

What I like :

  • What I absolutely love about this spin mop, and got me sold on it even before using it is the 360 wheels on the bucket. It sure is heavier than most spin mop packages, but it comes with wheels!

    That totally eliminates the need to bend for me, and I can go through all the house’s floors and walls with great ease because of it! I can’t tell how grateful I am that not only does it have wheels, but the 360degrees wheels can swivel and glide smoothly on the floor.

  • It needs to be assembled but that’s not much of a hassle. I like the fact that it’s made this way, so I only have to replace broken parts if needed, and not the whole unit.

    I’m not sure I’ll need any replacement anytime soon though, it looks pretty solid by far, but who knows?

  • It also comes with a bottle that could handle your soap for cleaning your mop head (or adding some for mopping the floors). It has a place by the bucket where it gives as much soap you need on the water. It stays there in place but is detachable in case you need to refill it.

  • The microfiber is also excellent in getting all the dirt and mud around the floors and the house! I don’t put in too much effort in mopping, but I never had to do any section twice!

What I don't like :

  • Like I said, it is indeed on the heavy side. Even with the wheels (and I love the wheels) it’s pretty much an effort to bring it up the stairs.


Those are all my thoughts by far! Obviously, I love it. But like I said, I haven’t tried a bunch.

Ohuhu Easy Wring Spin Mop and Bucket System Review

Review Summary

I got my hands on the Ohuhu Easy Wring Spin Mop just about a month ago. It has no pedal and has a bucket system where you can wring the mop to dry and wash it. I and my mom are loving it more day by day, although she initially was disappointed because she didn’t get the hang of it at first.

Now she is overjoyed to be skipping all the bending and squeezing part of mopping, while she can still be happy with the end results.

How I Met My Ohuhu Easy Wring Spin Mop 

I’m a working 24-year old office girl and I live with my parents at the moment. My mom loves housework, but I noticed that of course, like any aging woman, it is beginning to take its toll on her.

I started my search on spin mops that I believe are much easier to use so I can give it to her as a gift.

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Don’t get me wrong, if I had the choice I’d have her stop housework altogether, but it is where she seems to get her happiness and it has also been like an every day exercise for her.

I help her when I’m at home, but all I can do is constantly remind her or buy her easier tools for cleaning to make sure she wouldn’t strain herself too much.

I am still getting to know this mop better, but reviews helped me a lot in choosing one so I’ll also make one here.



  • This mop is self wringing, unlike the ones that have a pedal to spin. This one only needs you to loosen your grip a bit so you could wring out the mop effortlessly.

    This is exactly what my mom didn’t get at first, but what she enjoys the most now.
  • It also has a bucket that you could fill with water for dampening your mop, and also to drain it of dirt and excess moisture. You can be assured of a splash-free mopping session with its anti-splash guard in the bucket.
  • It can rotate 360 degrees and pivot to about 180 degrees to make wringing easy and also reach hard-to –get-to places. The mop head is made of absorbent and gentle microfiber that claims to ensure that your surfaces will be scratch-free.

    The microfiber also sticks to stubborn dirt, yikee hairbits on the floor, even animal fur, and all sorts of unwanted dirt
  • This handle is also made of stainless steel!

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  • The microfiber absorbs easily

  • Rotates 360 degrees

  • ​Pivots 180 degrees

  • ​Clings to and removes stubborn dirt, hair, fur, and stains

  • Gentle on all kinds of surfaces including: laminates, vinyl, wooden floors, windows, marble, and other hard surfaces.

  • Measures 18.7 x 10.8 x 9.6 inches and weighs 4.18lbs.

  • ​Made of stainless steel and some plastic parts.

  • This pedal-free system is perfect for keeping mopping simple and yet efficient and easy. The smooth rotations make cleaning an easy task and there has never been a need to try and repeat its mopped work.

What I like & What I don't like

What I like:

  • What I really like about this mop is its claims about the mop head. The microfiber mop head is so good at collecting dust, stains, and all the unwanted particles, especially on our floors.

    Our floors is a mix of wood and marble from kitchen to the living room and the bedrooms, but so far I’ve not noticed any scratches from the mop head.

  • The mop head also drains of excess moisture pretty easily, and I and my mom are able to sweep the floor without streaks or making it slippery.

    I personally love this feature a lot because I’m sure now that whoever mops our house, my mom and dad have less chances of slipping off because it dries so quickly.

  • ​I also think that pedal free spinning mechanism may take some time to get used to, and may not be as comfortable, but I find it less noisy.

    Sometimes when I can’t sleep at night, I don’t hesitate to grab the mop and sweep the floors clean after a midnight snack or playing with my dog, I do all this without worrying that someone will be woken up.

  • The splash guards work so fine too!

What I don't like:

  • It is a light bucket and mop, but I guess that sort of makes the bucket unstable.

  • Also, like I said quite a few times, it takes some times getting used to. It wasn’t performing perfectly at first but I realized that that’s only because I didn’t get the hang of it yet at that time.


All in all, this mop is lovely! I just hope it would last for years and years! As of now that’s all I could ask for, performance is good.

My Cleaning Aide: O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop and Bucket System

I am a mother of three kids, two of which are toddlers –twins, to be exact- and one is 12 years old. I know that a lot of people, mothers especially, will agree to me when I say that being a housewife is actually quite the job.

Being a mom, you don’t only commit to doing housework and raising children, it could take its toll on you eventually because the tasks go on and on to no end. There is great wisdom in seeking the right help to make these tasks a whole lot easier and faster to do.

I’ve been making it a point to try out new aides in cleaning from time to time, and I came across this O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop and Bucket System about 3 months ago. I’d like to share my thoughts with the people out there who are looking for their next spin mop.

Here goes a quick review of the O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop and Bucket System. I’ll be first talking about its highlights, the features from the box, and it’s pros and cons according to my experience.


This O-cedar mop claims to have an exclusive design that allows hands-free wringing through it’s built in wringer on the bucket. The bucket also comes with a splash guard to keep water from splashing out of the bucket when wringing. These splashes of water could be majorly slippery.

The bucket also has a pedal to activate wringing, keeping the mop as dry as it could be for streak-free mopping that dries easily. Its mop is made of microfiber that absorbs tough dirt and grime. It also claims to be deep-cleaning.

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This mop has the dimensions 20 x 12 x 12 inches, and is 5.4 pounds all in all. The bucket could look oversized and heavy, but if you put in just the right amount of water, it is comfortable to use.

It claims to offer an efficient cleaning experience with less effort and mess. It has a triangular head mop that allows reaching even the most difficult-to-reach corners. The pedal also drains the mop of moisture to perfectly mop the floor without the unwanted streaks and faster drying.


Pros and Cons


  • Like I said in the features, what I really love bout this mop is its wringing mechanism. It rids the mop of moisture very well and what a blessing to never have to bend down or even squeeze the mop dry with my bare hands!
    That gave my sensitive palms quite a beating before, but I’m over that stage of my life! This by far is what I love the most about this bucket system.
  • Aside from that, the bucket is quite bigger than normal, but I like that I never had much of a problem with its weight. I’m not sure if it’s just me, or it’s really light, but this makes mopping comfortable for me.
    Even the mop itself is light and that one makes me worried about its durability. So far, after 3 mos, it’s still going strong.
  • The microfibers in the mop prove to be very efficient in absorbing stubborn dirt and stains. In my previous mops, I would usually still wipe some stubborn stains by hand and a damp cloth when I’m not satisfied with the mops work.
    I never do that anymore! Or at least I don’t recall doing so. It significantly is lowering my meticulousness because of its trustworthiness.
  • Lastly, because it’s easy to spin, believe me when I say that it is also easy to wash. I put soap and water in the bucket, and a hint of vinegar or fresh lemon juice and dry it with the wringer before storing it. So far it does not keep any odd smell with this way of cleaning.

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This bucket system is quite noisy though. It doenst bother me, but it might be a problem when you have a baby and you have to mind the noise to keep them from waking up?

By far that’s the only problem I encountered. I’m not rough on stuff that I love so I could say it’s durable, but then again I might just be good at taking care of it because I can’t imagine mopping without my O-Cedar!

Space makeover on a budget

Is your place starting to bore you? Are you that kind of person who always wants a new and fresh environment to work and live in? Or are you simply trying to put everything in place to live a more functional and productive life?

What’s been delaying you on your renovation plans? If it’s just money, there are many ways to get around that. Sure, every renovation plans requires money, but the market offers different price ranges and materials to fit everyone’s budget.

Renovation has its costs, but its fruits, when planned carefully, is abundant. A renovated space does not only give a fresh look, it also allows the resident to design the space to accommodate more storage for keeping valuables organized and to utilize careful planning in being more productive.

Here are two things that you need done to headstart your renovation plans:

1. A plan


Plan the changes and remodels that you need to have done.

Should the walls be repainted?

Will new cabinetry be installed?

Will the flooring be changed?

What materials are needed?

The list could go on and on, knowing what you need and what you want and combining it together will eventually get you closer to your dream space.

Money saving tip: It’s always best to have a designer work with you on your plans. However, if your budget is tight but you’re determined to reach your goals, checkout pinterest’s storage and remodeling ideas for inspiration!

2. A budget

This will be largely based on your plan and what you want done. Prioritize and check the market for your options on materials, labor, and other necessities.

The budget should cover three stages:

  • Planning, this involves working with a planner if possible, and canvasing for materials’ prices in the market
  • Execution, this involves buying the materials, building it, and touch ups
  • Post-remodeling, this involves a massive cleaning spree to get rid of all unwanted debris and kick-start a productive and inspiring space!



Money saving tip: To help you in budgeting, here’s a list of products that you may want to check out at the home depot:

 Wood and laminates

This would be used for cabinetry, tables, chairs, and even a bed. If you want everything done from scratch, you could estimate how much wood you would need. However, mostly, this will be used for storage like cabinetry and shelves.

Money saving tip: Upcycle and rummage your house on unused but potentially useful storage materials that could be used in place of shelves and made-to-order cabinetry!



There are several flooring options. Vinyl, tiles, marble, and wood. What would you like to have?

Choose not only according to price, but also the people in your household or workplace. Are there pets? Wood and laminates wouldn’t be best with pets around. How about kids? Slippery flooring would often pose danger to kids.

Money saving tip: Sometimes replacing the flooring isn’t worth it. How damaged is it? Is it damaged at all? If you want to save on flooring expenses, just invest on a really good mop and other cleaning materials. Spin mops are easy to use and pretty tough on dirt. You could use them with ease while keeping your flooring well maintained.

Furniture and accent

Sometimes buying ready-made furniture could be cheaper than made-to-order ones. Would you need to replace some furniture? How about accents like clocks, and other items for display? Would you need to buy new ones and would you be following a color scheme?

Money saving tip: If you are on a budget and you don’t want to spend on unnecessary stuff, consider “upcycling” your existing furniture. You could repaint your existing displays to follow a certain color scheme, or even make your own decors!


A renovation could be extremely messy. You could hire help for cleaning even the most stubborn dirt from various agents and just work hard on maintaining it. Some cleaning services, especially the good ones, could get rid of the dirt that you’ve actually learned to live with!


Money saving tip: If you think hiring help for cleaning is unnecessary, you could invest in high-quality but not necessarily expensive cleaning products that could be your companion not only in cleaning your house after renovation, but in maintaining it. High quality stain removers, high-pressure water hose, and a spin mop are few of the things that you could invest on.