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Spin mop: a generation away from the old-styled mop

The innovation of a regular mop

Innovation is the key driving force in this era’s consumer market. From cellular phones, gadgets, cameras, vehicles to things as simple as papers, tissue, and foods, nothing is safe from mankind’s innovativeness and creativity. Everything that existed five to ten years ago is considered now as outdated, obsolete or even worthless.

Even the humblest cleaning materials at home are changing at the same pace as cellphones and cars. From self-automated dishwashers to robotic floor sweepers, nothing is safe from the power of technological advancement. However, as time and time been proven, the best innovations are the simplest ones, and that is where the spin mop comes in.

The humble mop was invented in 1837 by an American named Jacob Howe, a hundred in fifty years later hardly a thing about the original has changed. Come 2011, a Chinese Cheng-Kai Chen created the first ever spinning drum dried mop.

The Spin Mop was a hit among consumers, both in households and offices. Everyone can easily discern how the spin mop is so much better and different from the old and classic mop. Here are some differences you need to know between a spin mop and your grandma’s mop!

​Things that Spin mop innovated the regular mop

1. You can actually keep your hands clean when using a Spin mop

The number one reason why everyone hates cleaning is due to the fact that more often than not you need to get your hands literally dirty to get everything else clean. This is also the same reason why it is next to impossible to have your children help you mop the floor. It is because they know that after they break a sweat, they’d have to touch and squeeze the dirtiest part of the mop with their bare hands.


Luckily spin mops like the MopRite Spin Mop have a built in drying drum that rotates the mop head thousands of times a minute to completely dry your mop without you having to touch it.

Spin mops' dry are far more absorbent than the regular mop


One of the best features of modern day spin mops is that they use microfibers for their mop heads. Unlike regular mops that use cheaper synthetic cloths, spin mops that use microfibers like the O-Cedar Easy Wring Microfiber Spin Mop can absorb up to twice the amount of water or any other liquid you have to get rid of.

Spin mop have a multi-direction movable joint on their heads

Lastly, spin mops like the Mopnado Spin Mop are praised for being easy to use and easy to adjust parts. Because of their multi-directional joints, you can mop any surface without having to bend down to reach places such as those under couches or tables. You can say goodbye to troublesome backaches that we always get after using regular mops.


Regular mops are a classic, and it would be hard to say goodbye to things that you grew up with, but the moment you try using a spin mop, you wouldn’t even think twice throwing away that old rotten mop you always hide in your closet.