Three Common Problems On Spin Mops And How To Fix Them!

These are the most common problems Spin Mop users would encounter. Look through these guids to help you fix the problems yourself before wasting too much of your time and money."

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Spin Mops are practically floor mops on steroids. They help you clean up the house multiple times faster than traditional and old-school mops. Sadly, all things have a weakness, and the spin mop is not an exception to that.

Here are 3 of the most common problems faced by spin mops enthusiasts and how to fix them!

Three most common problems

The mop does not spin when used on the basket

There two possible reasons for you spin mop to not revolve or spin when you push it down on your drying tub. The first one is when the ringer cap is locked too tightly.

Spin mops such as the Mopnado Spin Mop have locks called the ringer cap. It is the second handle-like grip between the actual grip and the mop head (the part that you wipe on the floor).


To fix this, just simply hold the grip of your spin mop and the ringer cap, and then gently rotate the ringer cap to a contour clockwise direction.

This action will release the mechanisms that allow you to use the mop without the mop head revolving every time you push it down the floor.


The second reason may be because the drying tub has been filled with dust and dirt inside. To fix this, remove the drying tub by using a set of pliers to unlock the locking mechanism of the drying tub. Afterward, wipe dry the tub and clean it of any dust or debris, then apply a little amount of grease to make it rotate smoother.

The mop does not absorb spilled fluids efficiently

This problem often happens when the mop head has been used for a very long time. Due to repetitive wetting and drying, the fibers of the mop head more often than not lose their absorbent properties.


The easiest and probably the only way to properly fix this is buying replacement mop heads that are compatible with your spin mop. Brands such as the Ohuhu Easy Wring Spin Mop have readily available replacement parts in their stores.

The pedal does not make the drying turb rotate

More advanced and newer models of spin mops, such as the O-cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop, nowadays have an added pedal for you to step on to make the drying tub rotate. This saves you the effort of having to unlock the spin mop and push it down on the basket.


After several months of using a spin mop, there are times when fibers and debris unknowingly and unwantedly enter important parts of the spin mop and the basket. This often jams the gears within the mechanism that help the drying tub rotate rapidly, thus resulting to the problem above.

To fix this, what you will need is a screwdriver and a can of WD-40. WD-40 is a waterproof spray on lubricants perfect for devices that usually get wet such as our spin mop. Using the screwdriver, unscrew all the parts of the drying tub pedal.


Make sure to take a mental note of the original position of the parts to avoid further damaging the pedal mechanism. Then remove all fibers and dirt that you can find inside, wipe the insides clean and generously spray some WD-40 on the gears inside. Reassemble everything and you’re done!

Important Reminder!

Spin Mops, like any other product, are often covered by their seller or manufacturer’s warranty. When doing these DIY fixes, make sure the warranty has passed otherwise, it would be a smarter move to just get the mop replaced. When replacing any part of the spin mop, always remember to buy original and legitimate parts!

Three important points that you should remember that will help you when your spin mop doesn't work:

  • Store main replacement parts in your home so you can have quick resollutions for the broken parts.
  • Buy some specific tools and by-products to help you fix the spin mop's problems on yourself.
  • Keep the spin mop manufacturer's warranty to save you time and money if your spin mop is far beyond repairable.


  1. Please inform size of the fastner that secures mop plate with rod. How can I get spare fastner

  2. The whole spin mop idea is great only I thought that the spin bucket also held the spin out water. During my 2nd day of use, the pin kept falling out of peddle mechanism causing me to have to reinsert it multiple times since the bucket won’t spin without it. Not sure why the pin isn’t secured permanently? I’d like to see a bigger mophead as well. Thanks!

  3. Johnny Jackson

    Can you give the dimensions and part number for the one-way bearing that I have in mine, it has failed, I have to pick up on the pedal to get the tub to turn some times and then it corrects it self.

    Thank you, for your interest sir.

  4. I need a gear and cannot find it to buy My mop will not spin all the time So I am pretty sure it is the gear I had it for over a year now and love it

  5. I have tried everything but the pedal on the bucket will not release back up when trying to spin the basket.

  6. Heather Holgate

    Only used the mop three times and two pieces have broken off making it not useable. Shop won’t replace as I haven’t got the box!! Husband Contacted vielda but received no response.
    Makes product expensive if it needs replacing after three uses

  7. Marilyn Carruthers

    Great product, had mine for years, however now the basket won’t raise, like it is stuck. Can’t figure it out. Any ideas?

  8. Mop still soaking wet after spinning

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