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How Often Should Your House Be Cleaned?

People have grown busier these days. Most of our time is spent at work, overtime, or a bad traffic jam. As we reach home, the only energy left is often just enough for that shower before bedtime. House chores could get really tiring, especially for moms that also have full-time jobs.

How often should houses be cleaned?


Does a house need cleaning every day? This could be a tugging question, especially for new moms who are trying hard to juggle time between taking care of the children, cleaning the house and doing house chores, and possibly working too! Cooking, setting, and wrapping up the table already takes a lot of time every day. How about sweeping the floors, wiping the windows, and cleaning the sheets? How much is too often and too less?

Here are some factors that you should consider in assessing how often your house should be cleaned.

  • The area

Each household is different. Different communities and house layouts accumulate varying amounts of dust. Some areas are really naturally dusty, while others never accumulate dust over weeks. Do you live in a dusty place? If so, changing sheets, wiping windows, and sweeping the floor, even just lightly, will help you a lot.

In the worst scenario, you can always make your beloved house become “super clean” using the best spin mop in the market.


  • The inhabitants

Is anybody at home allergic to dust or has a very weak immune system? If you live with young children, especially babies, or an adult with allergies, then cleaning must be done as often as possible, especially in places where they spend most of their time which must be the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

  • Your time

If you are free, then cleaning could be done regularly and systematically. If you don’t have a day job and you are every dedicated to keeping the house clean, you could assign a time during the day for sweeping floors, washing sheets, changing covers, and dusting the windows. All that alongside cooking. You need not do all of these in one day, you could assign it in different days weekly if that is more convenient.

Ideally, a house should be cleaned as often as one can. However, let’s face it, not everyone loves housework and some of us are just more dedicated to working and earning money than keeping the house clean. That’s okay! Consider the mentioned factors, and your time.


Cleaning the house at least once a week is best. You can see for yourself, if everything isn’t so dusty and dirty after a week, you could widen the time gaps. As long as your family stays healthy, it should be fine!

If housework is hard for you, you may involve your children and the whole family in cleaning on weekends. Dividing tasks and scheduling cleaning will help you make sure that everything is covered. Regular cleaning will remind you of all the stuff you’ve kept too long to remember too! Investing on great cleaning equipment could make cleaning much easier and fun to do. There are many spin mops, microfiber dust wipes, and other kinds of cleaning equipment both online and offline. Make sure to check them out and see reviews written about them! One of them could be the life changer that you need.