Cleaning your house fast and efficiently

House cleaning is a tedious task, especially for moms. Moms have to prepare food, clean the whole house, do the laundry, and take care of the kids regularly in varying frequencies. With this said, a mom who finds it hard to utilize efficient ways in cleaning will be perpetually tired; mainly because the clutter and dirt perpetually find its way to the house often.

The time spent on cleaning is never directly proportional to how clean the house would be. Here are some pro-tips on how to clean the house efficiently:

Master the art of organizing

Put everything in its right place, and by that, a “right place” has to be assigned for every important part of the house. Dish dispensers are for dishes, pill boxes for medicines, a specialized stand for the spices, and hooks for every pan and ladle. Same goes for the clothes and office supplies for each room. This way, it would be easy to categorize and organize clutter.


If something doesn’t belong anywhere, it either isn’t worthy of storage, or deserves a new compartment of its own. Invest in good cabinetry or organizer boxes and compartments for all your things at home.

Divide the house in sections too. Always work from top to bottom. That way, you don’t need to go over the same places twice –or even thrice sometimes.

Get the right equipment

There are many battles in the art of cleaning. In cleaning, we combat clutter, dust, molds, stains, and bad odor. Make sure that you have everything you need for eliminating these.

Again, cabinetry and organizers for the clutter.

For dust, there are specialized cloths that are designed to attract even the most stubborn and ancient dust particles in your house. A sweeper will be good for the floors and the ceiling too. Good quality brushes, mops, a swiper, and vacuum cleaners are essential in keeping a house clean. They have to be readily available when you need them, and each serves its own special purpose.


Be familiar with cleaning substances

From chemical substances marketed and ready to be bought in supermarkets to DIY natural mixes from your kitchen supplies. It’s best to know which ones work most efficiently, especially for stubborn stains and odor. It’s also worth knowing on how each work. Keep in mind that some surfaces need to be soaked to or exposed to cleaning substances for about an hour before being scrubbed and rinsed thoroughly.


It is important to know how the products work, and in the very first place, if they work. Most of the time is usually wasted on using the wrong products for the wrong purposes, or the wrong way. People end up wasting too much time on scrubbing, when in fact they just need to leave it there for a while to finally get rid of all the unwanted dirt and odor.

Pets and children

Lastly, if you have pets, or even little children who may be susceptible to poisoning from the chemicals you use at home while cleaning, keep them at a safe place, preferably where someone could watch them.


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